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The Architectural Conservation Laboratory (ArC Lab) seeks applications from driven prospective doctoral students and experienced researchers/ postdoctoral research fellows to lead and be a part of projects focusing on the application of technology in architectural conservation.


Working at the ArC Lab presents an opportunity to be involved in cross-disciplinary projects related to digital conservation technology, material science, and building aesthetics. Through an exploration of new prospects, academic and professional collaborations, and a strong interest in varied aspects of cultural heritage, the ArC Lab provides a motivating and conducive environment to promote research and innovative developments in the field of architectural conservation.


For interested candidates, please email Dr Nikhil Joshi at with a detailed CV and an outline of the research proposal.

Job and project description

We are looking for a creative, interdisciplinary Research Associate to be a part of our core team to lead program development and initiate and manage conservation research projects. The position will focus on the assessment and quantification of the cultural heritage values of twentieth-century built heritage. The candidate must exhibit an interest in the sustainable development of the historic environment.

Scope and responsibilities

•    Research and design quantitative methods to assess the various heritage values of twentieth-century architectural heritage
•    Plan, conduct, and manage surveys to collect data
•    Conduct an assessment of the values of the selected buildings, and identify the key issues from the outcome through data analysis
•    Design and conduct behavioral experiments
•    Develop conservation strategies
•    Be involved in writing reports and publishing academic papers

What we are looking for 


•    Candidates with a master’s degree in architectural conservation or a related field of study
•    Minimum 2+ years of research experience
•    Familiar with Singapore's twentieth-century buildings
•    Experienced in quantitative analysis for architectural heritage and familiar with modelling methods like CVM and travel cost
•    Proficient in questionnaire design and data analysis using one or more software tools like STATA, SPSS, R, Python, and Matlab
•    Practical experience in assessing architectural heritage and understanding how to translate research into policies, from the perspective of built heritage
•    Self-driven learning with good interpersonal communication and writing skills
•    Ability to work independently as well as in a team environment
•    Self-motivated and results-oriented



Please apply by email (please write “Application for Research Associate” in the subject), including the CV and portfolio at


For more information, please feel free to contact Dr Nikhil Joshi. 

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